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Current state of the Danish labour market is that it is extremely hot.
Demand for suitable candidates is high and supply is low. We have the lowest rate of unemployment for several decades, this goes in particular for knowledge intensive employees.

More companies are using English as a corporate language even though there are not many foreigners working in Denmark. So, high potential and suitable candidates are a limited resource as the case is on many recruitment markets. Subsequently it is a candidates´job market.

The trend is that even lower level positions requires search and in Denmark it is not common to conduct search internally by the HR / recruitment teams of the hiring companies as it is perceived as too aggressive towards talent competitors. The tendency that more positions require search selection is amplified by the fact that there are only limited internal recruitment resources in the large companies. The HR and recruitment teams are often quite stretched which is why many of them need external help from recruitment and search consultants.

Though there is a lot of business for recruitment and search companies after some fat and happy years, it is getting harder and harder to be successful in delivering the right candidates matching the job profile and company requirements.

Since attraction is so important, assessment is more or less forgotten. This results in many search companies pushing forward candidates that are not perceived as very good by the hiring companies which is giving the recruitment and search business a bad reputation.

The paradox is clear: Companies have an increased need for external recruitment and search consultants at the same time as their dissatisfaction with many external recruitment and search companies increases. Several recruitment, search and employer branding companies have popped up over the last few years since the recruitment and search business has had similarities to Klondyke. This also means that several persons who do not have the necessary training and competencies in search and selection are absorbed into the recruitment industry leading to more recruitment and search deliveries of a mediocre quality.

Since the recruitment and search industry has been growing significantly over the last few years it is getting harder for the corporations to find their way through the jungle: Which search and selection companies delivers and which do not? And what are each of them good at? And are we willing to pay a sky high price when we cannot even be sure that the search will be successful and result in employment of a good candidate?

However, this market situations gives the good value adding recruitment and search companies the opportunity to outperform - in the long run - the poor recruitment and search companies that seldom delivers good candidates at fair prices within a reasonable time. Even thought the Danish search and selection industry is getting more complex, there is a market position not fully exploited yet: Search companies conducting high quality search at reasonable fixed prices (not the high percentages of the candidates´ total compensation) delivering candidates during 5-6 weeks. That is what many Danish corporations are requesting but only few recruitment and search companies delivering.

About Us - Focus Recruitment

Focus Recruitment was founded to meet this specific need delivering flexible high quality recruitment and search "packages" at very competitive fixed prices resulting in employment of top potential candidates. So far the response has been very good with many leading Danish and international corporations as returning clients. Future interesting questions for the Danish recruitment and search industry will be:

  • What will happen after the Subprime crisis - will there be room for all the new agencies that have popped up?
  • Will companies continue to pay high prices for low quality search?
  • Will assessment of candidates continue to be less relevant compared to attraction of the candidates?
  • Will employer branding be more than the latest fad and turn into more substantial services and deliveries?

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Af: Steffen Marstrand, Partner, M.Sc.HRM, Focus Recruitment Denmark
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